Guide IR 517V and Guide IR 517 Pro Thermal Monocular

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    The new guide IR 517 thermal imaging monocular is to be released this year with interchangeable lenses in 19mm, 35mm, 65mm and 80mm giving varying detection ranges, there will also be two thermal core options a 640x480 and also a 400x300 which are top of the range spec.

    Lens sizes magnifications

    19mm - 0.8x Mag
    35mm - 1.5x Mag - Standard Lens
    65mm - 2.8x Mag
    80mm - 3.4x Mag

    The guide IR 517 units will also feature three colour palettes a 2x and 4x digital zoom, the pro version will also feature 16gb/32gb digital storage for stills and video, wifi, gps, sound recording. IP67 rating, 1280x960 HD LCOS eye display and 50hz are standard on all models. The Guide IR 517 thermal unit also boasts a built in rechargeable battery with 6hr battery life.

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